Sex In The Porn World

Asian Sex, Sex | Posted by Jake Williams May 9th, 2012

It is as much the fantasy over the sex we see on film as much as the sex we see on film that fuels us to watch porn…but rest assured, it is all about the sex. We have always taken to visual representations of sex, engaged in by people we find impericably attractive according to the norms of the day and whether we are watching Asian dirty movies, guy-on-guy, girl-on-girl or typical big-budgeted hetero fare, what we want pure and simple from our porn is to see sex.

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There Is Nothing Wrong With Liking A Type

Asian, Asian Sex, Sex | Posted by Jake Williams May 4th, 2012


It’s great we have all grown a good deep sensitivity to the people around us…chock that up to our ever evolving world and probably the influence the net is having in bringing us all a little closer. God knows in our dating, if nowhere else, we are being exposed to people we probably never would have met had we only ever frequented the local tavern. And not that we are taking advantage of the full great big expanse of online dating, nor could we really, still maybe we are growing ever more accepting because we are being exposed to a lot more different people-different then us at least-then normal.

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Have A Wild Weekend

Dating, Sex | Posted by Jake Williams April 4th, 2012

There are a lot of options for having a fun weekend getaway with a great sex partner just to have a few days of non-stop sex and pleasure and a chance to relax and unwind together. Everybody needs to have a completely hedonistic getaway sometimes, no matter where ion the world that couple happens to be. From enjoying a massage, watching porno movies all weekend and acting-out the best scenes, eating anything without worrying about calories and drinking without feeling guilty, the wild weekend is for everyone from east to west, north and south.

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Talk Dirty To Me

Dating, porn | Posted by Jake Williams March 30th, 2012

Phone sex

There are some people who simply don’t understand the point of phone sex and don’t understand how much fun it can be and how gratifying it can be, especially when a couple is apart for a few days. For people who are dating and not living together yet, it can be a great way to stay connected when they can’t see each other during the week.

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The Perfect Strip Club

Women | Posted by Jake Williams March 14th, 2012

Guys who want sex or want to think about sex often go to strip clubs because there are beautiful women to look at. It’s more than just the strippers – the bartenders are also usually quite beautiful, and they’re very accessible and easy to talk to when the bar isn’t too busy. Quite often the bartenders are more much more willing and able to have a conversation with the customers than the dancers are, because the dancers have to entertain everyone at the bar and can’t spend too much time with just one customer. That can make it very difficult to really talk to them. When they aren’t onstage, they often have to work the room to see if anyone is interested in a lap dance, so again, they aren’t always able to spend any significant time with the customers unless the guy is interested in a lap dance.

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Don’t Wear The Porn Out

Asian Sex, Asian women photos, Free Asian Porn, porn | Posted by Jake Williams March 8th, 2012

Asian women photos

Not that we are can really much stop ourselves from watching dirty movies, but we all run the risk of watching too much of them. We can exclude our spouses, friends, or need for dating even staying home jerking or Jilling-off too much to all this stuff we can pretty much download for free.

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Cheap Sex

Asian Sex, Dating, Sex, Singles | Posted by Jake Williams February 14th, 2012

XXX personals

Historically, men have had to make a major investment in order to get sex. Whether it was spending money on dates or gifts or both or making a commitment to the lady or actually getting married, getting sex was a costly endeavor. Even after spending money, there was no guarantee that there would be sex – there are some ladies out there who will happily receive gifts and meals with no intention of or interest in ever being intimate with the gentleman in question. It’s not nice, but it does happen. Marriage certainly doesn’t guarantee sex. A lot of married men would probably complain about their sex life if given the opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »


Sex and Satisfaction

Asian Sex, Dating, Sex | Posted by Jake Williams February 9th, 2012

When a person is in a relationship for a long time they may grow stressed. They may discover that the Sex isn’t what it used to be. When they first got together the Sex was great and there was no end to the pleasure. Now however it may be that they have difficulties because it seems old and tired. What needs to happen then is that they need to openly discuss things. They need to discuss possible solutions and determine the best way to solve the problem.

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See No Evil

Asian Sex, Fetish, Fuck buddy, Sex | Posted by Jake Williams January 25th, 2012

One exciting thing about sex is the toys that we get to play with and the fun, creative things that we get to do. Sometimes the unknown can be very thrilling so sensory deprivation can be an exciting form of play for a sexual scene.

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Sex and Ethics

Dating, Sex, Singles, Women | Posted by Jake Williams January 20th, 2012

Sex and ethics

When you are single and looking for Sex you should always remember to govern the Sex with ethics. This is as important when your single and dating as when you are in a relationship. When you are in a relationship you have to remember that you are personally responsible for your own happiness and satisfaction and also partially and equally responsible for the health and happiness of the relationship. Read the rest of this entry »